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Wer sind wir - Uozap

Live-Streaming für kulturelle Veranstaltungen

Sie sehen die Website in der Deutch Sprache. Klicken Sie hier, wenn Sie es auf sehen wollen English sehen wollen.

Wer sind wir

Uozap is a website that offers a live-streaming service for cultural events. Uozap allows registered users to live-stream cultural events and allows unregistered users to watch cultural events in live-streaming. The Uozap home page has a map in which are shown the events posted by users.

Uozap is a platform that offers this service for free, use it as you need and prefer! Uozap is ideal to broadcast concerts, live-in studio, sports, theater, social or political events, book presentations etc. etc. Uozap can also be used to create your own web TV.

All those events that until now were accessible only to few people, now all the interested persons or fans around the world have the ability to watch on internet the events they prefer. You need only a good pc, an internet connection and a web cam. For an optimal audio-video quality you can use a video mixer with more cameras and a good audio support for a good quality audio signal. For those reasons Uozap is a new resource of job: a Uozap technical team can be created everywhere in the world. Uozap is fora sustainable globalization and for the enhancement of the millions local small and medium events that now finally have a tool that allows them to show up averywhere in the world.

Uozap: zapping for cultural events around the world (Uorld zapping).

Uozap is an Italian project, born in Salento, created by Giorgio Doveri and developed by Fabio Accetta.

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